Message from Director/教室長からのメッセージ

Hello. I'm Sumire, the director of Nihongo Studio ORIGAMI. In January 2024, we established this Japanese language studio with the concept of "Empowering Foreigners Living in Japan".

For many years, while working and raising children in Chiba, I encountered many foreigners who were facing difficulties. There were children with delayed language development, children who struggled with exams due to Japanese language barriers, talented individuals who lacked opportunities beyond interpretation, and those who found it challenging to advance in their careers due to difficulty understanding Japanese customs and workplace dynamics.

In Japan, a lot of information is often disseminated only in Japanese, and various systems and customs are designed, often unconsciously, with the assumption that they are for Japanese people who were born and raised in Japan and speak Japanese. Therefore, I imagine that it must be very difficult for foreigners to live and build their lives in Japan over the long term. Additionally, many Japanese, including myself, are often unaware that Japan is in a state where it is closed to foreigners in such a way, and they do not fully comprehend what needs to be changed.

As the number of foreign residents in Japan continues to grow, our studio actively disseminates not only Japanese language education but also information useful for daily life in Japan, along with insights into Japanese culture, societal norms, and structures. We aim to foster mutual understanding and communication, and collectively contribute to shaping the future of Japanese society.

Warm regards,

Sumire Y.N.
Studio Director
Nihongo Studio ORIGAMI






教室長 すみれ Y.N.

Director's Profile/教室長のプロフィール

Japanese language teacher
Master of Science, Certified psychologist
Completion of 420 hours of Japanese language teacher training course
Passing score on the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test
Completion of the Agency for Cultural Affairs "Japanese Language Education Training for Children"
Online Japanese class instructor at the Chiba International Center
Dispatched as a Japanese language support staff to elementary schools in Chiba City
Supporting children in a local Japanese language class in Chiba City

TOEIC score of 850 or above
Eiken (English Proficiency Test) pre-1st grade
Passing the Class I Information Technology Engineer Examination

20 years of experience in child-rearing in Chiba.
20 years of international business experience in the business planning department of a major corporation.
5 years of experience tutoring junior and senior high school students for exams.
Proficient in a wide range of fields including international affairs, politics, economics, society, humanities, and science.
Hobbies: Reading, investment.