Cultural and Social Understanding Alongside Japanese Language Learning

Language is deeply intertwined with a country's culture, history, and social structure, evident in gestures, responses, and more.

At our studio, we emphasize not only learning Japanese grammar, vocabulary, and expressions but also exploring the underlying beliefs and culture. Through comparisons with learners' native languages, we aim to deepen understanding of Japanese language and culture.



Interactive Support Tailored to Each Learner's Goals

You don't need to aim for perfect mastery of kanji, vocabulary, complex grammar, or expressions, or to speak fluently.

At our studio we operate under the premise that each learner has different motivations for studying Japanese. Whether it's for communication in Japan, advancing in school or work, or understanding Japanese culture, we provide support tailored to the needs of our learners through personalized consultations.



Chiba and Online Community-based Japanese Language Studio

At our studio, we prioritize learning Japanese as a tool for people from diverse backgrounds living in the same community to communicate with each other and build a cohesive society together.

Although we are based in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, our online services are available to learners living anywhere in the world.

We also share a wide range of useful information on Facebook, including practical tips for living in Japan, administrative information, and Japanese learning resources. Please feel free to follow us via the link at the bottom of our website.




Qualified Instructors
with Rich Social Experience

Our instructors are not only experts in Japanese language education but also bring rich social experiences from childcare to business. We provide lessons that delve deep into not only grammar and expressions but also Japanese culture and society.


Multilingual Support

We primarily offer services in both English and Japanese. For other languages, we can assist using translation and interpretation tools.

Please feel free to contact us via the inquiry form in your native language.