Fulfill Your Dreams! Launching the Job Hunting Support Course for International Students!


What is the "Job Hunting Support Course for International Students"?

At Nihongo Studio ORIGAMI, we are opening the "Job Hunting Support Course for International Students" to strongly support the job hunting of international students.

In this course, we offer:

  • Free Consultation (1 session, 30 minutes, online)
  • Job Hunting Preparation Classes (Regular course twice a month, 50 minutes per session, private lessons, online)
  • Information on Job Hunting
  • Job Hunting Support via LINE (up to 5 responses per month)

These services provide the necessary support to ensure the success of international students in their job search.

Course Details:

Free Consultation

We address your questions and concerns about job hunting in Japan. The studio director, with experience as a manager and in HR recruitment at major companies, provides personalized advice tailored to each individual's situation.

Job Hunting Preparation Classes

From preparation to completion of the job search, we offer necessary lessons, strategies, and consultations at appropriate times according to your progress.

Main topics include:

  • Self-analysis
  • Company research
  • Participation in internships and company information sessions
  • Guidance and review for writing entry sheets and resumes
  • Interview preparation

Information on Job Hunting

We regularly provide updates on the latest job hunting information and job events specifically for international students.

Job Hunting Support via LINE

You can ask questions and seek advice about job hunting through LINE. Our experienced instructors will respond up to 5 times per month.


Campaign Period:

Starting from June 1, 2024

How to Apply:

Please apply through the contact form.

If you are not confident in your Japanese language skills or are unsure how to proceed with your job search, don't miss this opportunity.

Let's make your dream job a reality at Nihongo Studio ORIGAMI!




  • 無料相談(1回30分)
  • 就活対策講座(月2回の定期コース、1回50分、プライベートレッスン)
  • 就活に関する情報発信
  • 就活に関するLINE相談(月5回返信まで)



  • 無料相談
    • 日本での就職活動についての疑問や不安を解消します。
    • 大企業で管理職・人事採用経験のある教室長が、一人ひとりの状況に応じて丁寧にアドバイスします。
  • 就活対策講座
    • 就職活動の準備から終了まで、活動の進捗に合わせて必要なタイミングで必要なレッスンや対策、相談を行います。
    • 主な内容は、以下の通りです。
      • 自己分析
      • 企業研究
      • インターンシップ・会社説明会への参加
      • エントリーシート・履歴書の作成指導・添削
      • 面接対策
  • 就活に関する情報発信
    • 最新の就活情報や、留学生向けの就職イベント情報など随時配信します。
  • 就活に関するLINE相談
    • 就活に関する質問や相談をLINEですることができます。
    • 経験豊富な講師が、月5回まで返信いたします。



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