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  • ビジネス日本語: 敬語やビジネス用語をはじめとして、職場で必要な日本語を学びます。
  • ビジネスマナー: 日本の基本的なビジネスマナーや社会常識を学びます。
  • 専門用語・業界用語: ご希望に応じて、業務で使う専門用語や業界用語を指導します。
  • 日常会話レッスン: 生活に必要な日本語を学びます。
  • 生活サポート: ショッピングや病院、学校など日常生活で必要な情報やサポートを提供します。
  • 忙しい学習者様のために、講師がオフィスに伺う出張レッスンや、オンラインでのレッスンも承っております。



As Japan enters a super-aging society and faces a predicted severe labor shortage, acquiring talented foreign personnel is becoming an urgent task for the maintenance and development of companies.

To ensure that foreign employees can work stably and for the long term, it is essential to support and promote their settlement so that they and their families can comfortably build a life in Japan.

Our studio offers Japanese language lessons and lifestyle support for foreign employees and their families.

Services Provided by Our Studio

Japanese Lessons for Employees
  • Business Japanese: Learn the Japanese necessary for the workplace, including honorifics and business terminology.
  • Business Manners: Learn basic Japanese business manners and social norms.
  • Specialized and Industry Terminology: Upon request, we will teach specialized and industry-specific terms used in the workplace.
Japanese Lessons for Families
  • Daily Conversation Lessons: Learn the Japanese necessary for everyday life.
  • Life Support: We provide information and support needed for daily life, such as shopping, hospitals, and schools.
On-site and Online Lessons
  • For busy learners, we also offer on-site lessons where instructors visit your office and online lessons.

Contact Us

If your company is considering Japanese language learning for foreign employees and their families2, please feel free to contact us.
Our studio director, who has extensive experience working with foreign talent in Japanese companies for many years, will propose programs tailored to your company's needs.

  1. 「日本語教育の推進に関する法律」により、外国人等を雇用する事業主は、その雇用する外国人等及びその家族に対し、日本語学習の機会の提供その他の日本語学習に対する支援に努める責務が課されるようになりました。  ↩︎
  2. According to the 'Act on Promotion of Japanese Language Education (enforced on June 28, 2019)', employers who hire foreigners are obligated to make efforts to provide opportunities for Japanese language learning and other forms of support for Japanese language education to the employed foreigners and their families. ↩︎